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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
@sparklysoldier - Nice to see Azera win, for once. (sorta.) I like where you took Quinn's speculation of the true nature of Section 31. I can't help but wonder though, about FD's plan for Azera. Even if S31 doesn't try again, what's to stop Klingon Intelligence?
Oh, she won as much as the status quo would ever allow her to in that situation. And after so many stories with either bittersweet or outright bleak endings, she really needed to have one adventure with an unabashed victory. As for FD, it's a good question! My take on him is that he's professional enough that, even though he's outraged right now, it won't really turn into a personal vendetta (after all, he does kind of admire her duplicity). This story touches on the question raised before of what groups like S31 would do with her if they found out, and, though it'd be redundant to write stories about other groups like the Tal Shiar and Klingon Intelligence, we can get an idea of the sort of intrigue dealing with them would probably involve too.

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Aw, you guys, give ol' Drake a break. At the very least, you're going to be denying me a very long-standing nemesis if everyone succeeds! :p
No worries, he'll figure out some way to squirm out of the events in that story and wind up right back where he started. Though her log entry about "Suspect" is going to be fun to write: "you're kidding, we have to rescue him? Well, can I at least stun him first? Okay, fine..."

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