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04-12-2013, 06:34 AM
Ey there, New recruits. you've probably been browsing for a little while and are saying "what's so different about this fleet from the others? there's like 6 fleets with names i like, HOW DO I CHOOSE??"

Point of interest, Timelords fleet has been around for 2 years now. we're strong, stable, and staying that way. new fleets might have alot of excitement, but so do firecrackers. fun, but dont always last that long. if you're planning on joining a fleet, might as well join a stable one that's not likely to break down 3 weeks after you join, making you have to search through this forum again.

big fleets, while stable, also make casual playing hard. even hardcore players might find it difficult to find anything to donate to fleet wise, and might be pushed aside for fleet events because other people want to get in that have been there for a while.

We offer you a happy medium. we're small enough that there's always room in some aspect or another, but large enough to remain stable for a while to go. whether new or old to STO, we have plenty to offer. with the experience of large fleets in both personal builds, and fleet actions, we have plenty to teach new members, and possibly even older members of STO.
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