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04-12-2013, 07:48 AM
For me, finding a playstyle was simple. My first priority was to be unique.

When I came to STO, every single one of the PVP pros told me to roll a dual heavy cannon tac, as that was (and is) the win-button of STO.

... so I decided to go into torpedoes instead.

My second priority was to become really good at PVP. Everyone said the best PVPers were Klingons, and I should play with them.

... so I rolled a Fed instead. One does not sharpen one's teeth eating pre-chewed meat.

I'm having a blast as the result of my decisions. I'm pretty sure I have one of the most lethal torpedo setups in game right now. I can fly screaming into a ball of angry klingons, and manage to kill one or two or even three, even if they're ready for me.

But uh... don't follow in my footsteps, or anything... torpedoes suck, as any STO pro will tell you. :p