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Did you know, that during any given 15 minute period of play - that you're going to experience at least 73% downtime on the five innate abilities provided by your career selection? That means at most...27% uptime.

Given positioning needs, firing arcs, targets exploding, and all that fun could easily make the case that in general - Tac is the least efficient and thus the worst Career choice. They potentially could have the least uptme on their abilities.

Now of course, one could also easily make the case that when in need of inefficient quick bursts of damage - the Eng/Sci simply cannot compare...and that's a valid argument. In PvP where you have small gaps created to spike damage - the Tac will excel. In PvE when somebody screws something up and you need that fast and heavy burst - the Tac will excel.

Curious, eh?
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