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04-12-2013, 08:36 AM
Originally Posted by sunfrancks View Post
I kind of got my hopes up that it was fixed, especially since the Romulan ships will have cloaks.
No excuse for my outburst, but it was frustration at how long this bug has been going on.

It is still a bug, no matter how many devs say it is now working as intended.

Glad it is at least being looked at by a dev, sad though that it does not seem a priority (despite the new faction) and is being done in a devs own time
Eeeeh, I agree with your gneral premise that this feature is stupid, but it's -not- a bug. It does exactly what it was intended to do. It was a conscious design decision. "I'm gonna call it a bug because I don't like it" just makes you look petulant.

The fact is, the devs in the early days didn't want to design missions so that Klingons could ambush everything in the game, so they put in a feature where pretty much anything and everything kills the cloak. It's dumb, limiting design, but it isn't a bug, and consequently was designed to work very robustly. Bugs are easier to fix than bad features, because A) A bug isn't -supposed- to happen, which means you don't generally have code that both reinforces and depends on that bug continuing to operate, B) Bugs are inherently undesirable for the devs, so it's easy to get time and money allocated to fixing them, whereas altering features is a heavier decision, and C) Nobody's ego rides on a bug sticking around. Somebody made a -decision- to have boff dialogue kill cloaks. Maybe that person is still with the dev team, maybe they're not, I don't know, but odds are at least -somebody- that worked on that feature or defended that feature in the past is still around, and taking the feature out means circumventing that person's personal pride in their past decisions. In other words, altering a feature, even a bad one, usually means bruising the ego of a co-worker. Given the wealth of other possible priorities, it wouldn't surprise me if even devs that agree with us are more inclined to work on other things.