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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
In the Romulan Front, Taris still had control of the Tal Shiar, was allied with the Iconians, and opposed Sela.

But you take Taris out of the picture entirely and she ends up in Facility 4028*. By Cutting the Cord, Sela is clearly if not in control of the Tal Shiar then on good terms with them, as she came to their rescue after you kill Hakeev, and their Iconian buddies in turn came to hers.

Basically, she's consolidated.

*-in the 2800 she was one of the two notable prisoners sprung from there using Iconian technology, suggesting that she's still valuable to the Iconians even with Sela to take her place. I suspect that after Facility 4028 the two are allies, if not willingly then because the Iconians said to play nice.
Well said! Taris' capture created an opening for Sela to make a major power play. Further, Sela's successes in both contacting the Hirogen (having repaired a portion of their communications network) and brokering an alliance with them more than likely led the remaining Tal Shiar to reassess their views about her.

"When the dust settled, Sela was Empress of the Romulan Star Empire. Since then, she has ruled with a mixture of strength and deceit. She has devoted much of the empire's resources to the Tal Shiar, building the power of their fleet and making them the dominate force in Romulan space. She will go to any lengths to restore the former glory of the Empire, making secret alliances of which even she may not understand the full implications."

True to Romulan form, intrigues abound as Sela rbuilds the RSE; Her RSE. And the stakes have never been higher. And with regard to her 'alliance' with the Iconians, Who is using Whom?
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