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Yes I saw that, but it doesn't really explain it very well, it states her being involved in the events from TNG, then states her ambitions led her to becoming proconsul in 2384.

It doesn't explain why she wasn't demoted or exiled after her failed plots and how she was able to become proconsul afterward. Doen't really make sense as someone like Tomalak is much more competent and should have been in a better postion to seize power rather then retiring.
The entirety of the Path to 2409 does a pretty good job of explaining things: (including her eventual exile).

Tomalak actually features prominently - he is defeated by Donatra's break away forces and his second in command Taris defects, so he "gets" to "retire" to Romulus.

His replacement is Sela - although we only saw her failures in the show, it is entirely possible that she has a long string of successful espionage or military engagements, and only the failures are so noteworthy because they were very public and involved the Enterprise.

It should be noted that despite a highly successful build up, Tomalak failed to capture the Enterprise and a Romulan defector - a high profile failed operation.

The Path to 2409 is also pretty sparse with details concerning the Romulans in the years leading up to 2409, so there's not too much for the big expansion to contradict. Which is nice and will help let the devs explain a bit more about Sela's reign as Praetor and then Empress.
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