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04-12-2013, 10:28 AM
I think it's unfortunate that the two-faction PvP thing is having such a huge influence on the story of the game. Gameplay mechanics and decisions should be driven by storyline, not the other way around. Even if there's no way to implement three-way PvP maps cost-effectively, they could just add a single PvP queue button, and everyone that enters (Fed, KDF, Rom) gets randomly split into two teams.

And as far as starbases go, there's a good post that explains why their reasoning is a bad idea (I can't find it, but it's somewhere out there). Basically the gist of the post was that yes, in the short term players might be burnt out with getting their main base up to tier 5, and then another, Romulan base up as well. BUT - what about long term? Eventually, Fed and KDF bases will be tier 5, and it would give people an incentive to play Romulans / the game in general if they also had Romulan starbases to work on.

I don't think reworking the way individual ships work should be part of this discussion. It's an interesting ideas to add faction-based boosts / debuffs, but I would suggest that be added to the ships themselves, or as optional traits.

Also, your post is very long.

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