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04-12-2013, 09:28 AM
While $200 is alot to spend on Free items for the game i have to wonder whether or not this offer is still available.

like always i'm interested in throwing some money towards cryptic for account "legacy unlocks" if i can redeem the Baby andorian ship on any faction, with EVERY character i have it might be worth the purchase. just like it would be worth the money to buy another lifetime subscription for preorder ROMULAN liberated Borg Boff.

However if this is only a 1 time use package. and i can only use the baby andorian ship once on a single federation only character. i'm thinking that this just isn't worth the money for a first tier ship. even though i like the concept of more special promotions.

I doubt i'll be able to play Neverwinter though as i barely have the time for all the grinding in this MMO. but again i love special Cash for "legacy unlocks" perks.