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Originally Posted by baddmoonrizin View Post
The part of the proposal that you quoted depends on Romulans being made an INDEPENDENT faction in order to make it work... as intended ...which is why the rest of it is in here.
Except that we've already been told how Romulans are being rolled out and we've been told why, and they aren't going to change it. Not now, not in May, and probably not two years from now.

So if every single bit of your proposal is dependent on changing that, I guess there's nothing left to talk about.


Originally Posted by baddmoonrizin View Post
Wow. Check the attitude. If you look back a few posts, you'll see that I stated these were suggestions on a direction to head AFTER Legacy of Romulus has played out. I'm not expecting Cryptic to scrap something they've been working on for months and plan to launch in weeks, in favor of something different.

But the game DOES evolve over time. These are a series of suggestions on how it COULD evolve. And player community involvement in a dialogue with the developers can help in that evolution process, perhaps suggesting ideas that hadn't been thought of or considered before. Your seemingly high-handed tactics here only serve to shut down that communication process. And you're a Community Moderator?
Yep, definitely done talking. You obviously don't want criticism.
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