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04-12-2013, 10:13 AM
I recently acquired a fleet neggie for my tactical Klingon toon. I also have the Tor Khat and have been flying that prior to the fleet neggie.
The console layouts are almost identical, though I lost one tac console and gained an engineering slot for a neutronium.
The BOFF layout of the Negh Var is geared for more surviveability and even healing other players, which I managed only a copy of HE for previously in the Tor Khat. The trade off is less tactical skills. The expectation is a noticeable drop in DPS with an increase in surviveability.
When pugging STFs, I would routinely find myself constantly dropping in health to dangerous levels due to drawing agro, when flying the fleet Tor Khat.

After flying the Negh Var for a few hours, my observation is that my DPS is down by .5 to 1.0k per STF according to ACT. The feel though is that the DPS is only slightly down. The surviveability is definately better, but not to the awesome levels I had hoped for.
Still, I will take the trade-offs as I learn how to make better use of the Negh Var with how I fly a ship.