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Originally Posted by kwiat007 View Post
You are overinterpreting. There is nothing in the game that would suggest that she came to rescue Hakeev.
Not overthinking, just taking into account the changes made to the story on Tribble. Granted I'd said the same thing back when the mission came out - that Sela had taken advantage of the Federation capturing Taris to take control of the Tal Shiar, but the dialog between her and Hakeev makes it clear whose in charge.

The changes to CTC are pretty small, but the full implications are pretty big. Not only does it confirm Sela taking Taris's place with the Tal Shiar, it's also the first time the Iconians are spoken of without riddle or mystery, and the first time we know why they're working with the Romulans: They need a gateway opened so they can return in force. I guess after Sheperd defeated Sovereign they could no longer open the Conduit.

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