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Also, Stahl said they were considering giving Romulans their own Starbases, that they had not ruled it out, but stopped short of promising to give Starbases to the Romulans. I've noticed too many players putting this "in stone" as a definite thing.
Like most things he's keeping it a future possibility without promising anything, and like most things Cryptic keeps future possibilities it will likely never happen. I can't imagine what kind of PR damage control meetings are going on at Cryptic, they have been choosing their words even more carefully than ever lately. I can only assume it seems to have borne fruit since so many people are believing its a definite future development when in fact its never been stated as such. I can only imagine Cryptic was expecting to be hyping up other aspects of theirs "Xpac" at this point in time instead of running PR damage control.
Originally Posted by sorceror01 View Post are a bad starship captain and you should feel bad.
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However, I think with regard to the Romulan Republic player characters/npcs, it all comes down to a finite point:

These are not the Romulans from the shows.