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04-12-2013, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
Logging in is exactly what I'm trying to do when it forces me into the redirect loop.

Which is bizarre because on their main page, I'm logged in. But when I clock Support, boom, redirect loop. If I copy/paste the support page url, I go there, but I'm not logged in. If I try to log in there, redirect loop.

I've attempted this and gotten the same results in IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

EDIT: Can someone link me directly to the ticket filing page? Maybe if I can bypass the borked login from the support page, it'll work...
A direct link won't work. There is a known issue where a small percent of players get a redirect when they try and access this page. This is why I included the email step, in the case you can't get into the page for some reason. Once you email, you'll get an auto response with your ticket number -- pass that along and I will then forward it

We've confirmed that the bonuses are now showing up in Steam for eligible packs and are working on auto-granting the bonus ZEN to anyone who purchased an eligible pack on Steam from 9AM PDT to the time the promo was manually started (a few minutes ago).


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