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04-12-2013, 11:52 AM
NONE of these "offences" is specified as such in the EULA ... ergo, the GMs cannot take action no matter how many tickets they receive.
Sure they can. The User Conduct agreement has at least two section which would be applicable to people afk-leeching or intentionally trying to piss people off.

(h) Impede or disrupt the Service or the normal flow of game play or dialogue in the game or in Interactive Areas on the Site or use vulgar language, abusiveness, use of excessive shouting (ALL CAPS) "spamming" or any other disruptive or detrimental methods in an attempt to disturb other users or PWE employees;
as well as

(n) Take any action that disrupts the Service or that negatively affects or may prohibit other users from enjoying the Website, the Games or any other aspect of the Service.