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# 1 Lack of manners in mmos
04-12-2013, 12:56 PM
Although I've dabbled in a few mmos here and there, I have never been one to play them long term except sto and one of the only reasons I have stuck with this game for the past 3 years or so is mainly because its Star Trek. To me a mmo and other video games are recreation, a place to chill and relax and to put myself in another world for an hour or two.

Now I know games can be competitive, and I find that perfectly accepetable, but when you get some jerk that takes it a little too seriously it can really put you off. I'm talking about the one who is in an STF and gets all pissy because the team failed an optional, the one that contantly berates the other team member through team chat and then flies off to the corner of the map to report the team because he can't get his way, while leaving you and the rest of the team trying your hardest to stop those damn probes in Khitomer reaching the conduit.

I mean for god sakes it a freaking game, we were all noobs at one point. If you can't take into account that other people who play this game are all at different levels, (maybe they have a disability of whatever) you shoulden't be playing an mmo with OTHER PEOPLE. If you can't take it do a private match or not play online games at all, better still turn off your computer, calm down and get over it.