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04-12-2013, 01:10 PM
I adapted my RP roles.

For my Fed main, his ship of choice is the Armitage, and he's a tactical officer who likes to actually use tactics. So I set him up as a speed tank loaded with attack patterns to maximize damage and survivability. I run with the full AEGIS set, mostly because it looks as cool as all hell, but also the defensive bonus and adaptive shield are perfect for the speed tank style. His favorite thing in the world to do is to bounce around a furball spamming CSV3 until the enemy's shields are shredded, then press The Button That Makes Everybody Die. It doesn't always work, but it always makes me laugh.

My KDF main is a Gorn engineer. I set him up with the Tyrannosaurus rex of battlecruisers, the Tac Bortasqu'. It's rigged to deliver massive spike damage while absorbing a ton of punishment. It's not a heal tank, it's just there to hurt people and last in the fight as long as possible. And with Aux2Damp, APO and EM, it's way more agile than you'd imagine possible. Again, it doesn't always work perfectly, but I laugh every time I unload the disruptor autocannon into someone followed by a Breen cluster torp.

The key thing to me is to find a playstyle and build that makes you laugh every time you use it.