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04-12-2013, 01:21 PM
So being sure here, if we alread have the MK XII ground Tholian set, if we "register" it, we get 150 Tholian marks total, and we get to keep the set to use? If so, cool. Also, is this being counted as one of the two new ground sets? Or is this new new?

As usual, I suppose further information will come in later dev blogs or will show up on Tribble, but is the Azura Nebula group mission on the list for having Tholian marks and will it then have Fleet, Romulan, and Tholian marks?

Also, any sneak peaks at the new space sets, or can you let us know what makes a Tetryon weapon "Refracting?"

And any chance of getting a Tholian Bridge Officer?
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