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04-12-2013, 01:26 PM
Welcome to the Internet!

Whenever you get a wide and diverse field of people together with anonymity and little trackable repercussions, It is almost guaranteed that you will run into a troll or an elitist. Simple statistics say that you can't run a game forever and NEVER run into a jerk, in the real or the digital world.

YES! this is just a game, this is voluntary, and is meant for recreational purposes. However some people come into this game and forget that and take out their nerd rage across the player base. This is a simple fact of the internet and sociology. Best thing to do about it is to follow rule 14 of the internet:


If someone is throwing up a *****-fest about the latest failed STF, whether or not you are still CURRENTLY in the STF, just ignore them. It's not worth your time nor wear on your keyboard to rebuke them. At most, just remind them that this is just a game... and The Borg won't take over the universe if you don't defeat them perfectly.