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# 1 Small Requests
04-12-2013, 04:39 PM
This is just a few simple requests for the game. Nothing too huge.
  • More canon music - especially from the Dominion War arc.
  • On Tribble, there really needs to be a vendor for Warp Cores/Fleet Equipment (and consoles).
  • I wouldn't mind having Disruptors use canon sound effects - they don't at the moment.
  • Probably the biggest request at the moment, but I think - I REALLY think - it's time for a new Live shard. Holodeck 1 and Holodeck 2. Having just the one causes population lag. After every big release, the servers get super flooded and crash/lag. It's about time we got a second Live shard to accommodate overpopulation. With the biggest release in the game's HISTORY looming, and all the people chomping at the bit to play it, not having a second server may prove fatal for the game.
  • It'd be nice to be able to see how much a skill/power level scales an ability, in the Powers List description. Is that too much to ask?
  • The Tactical and Engineering optionals in Coliseum need to be swapped. Why are Tactical Officers building a fire and Engineers going hunting? Shouldn't the Tactical Officer do the killing?
  • Having replayed Forging Bonds as a Klingon on Tribble, I thought of a fun addition if the mission were remastered: Three class-specific optionals. Science: Mineral Report. Use a nearby console to scan the giant force-field covered pit on Algira III and find out what they're mining for. Tactical: Brute Force. Trigger all 3 of the laser fields inside the mining facility (fighting all the groups of super-turrets). Engineering: Second Verse, Same as the First. Use the tactic that won the First Battle of Chin'toka: Imprint Federation Warp signatures on the True Way ships to fool the Weapons Platforms into destroying them for you.
  • Can there be a Tailor option for Klingon Birds-of-Prey to lock the wing positions (with a choice of up or down)?

That's all for NOW. If I think of something, I'll put it here. Questions, comments, more suggestions, all welcome.
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