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04-12-2013, 05:49 PM
From my experience in the Wells, unless you are willing to kit it out with a Temporal build (set + AP + Chroniton), then it is very unlikely to be on par with the Vesta. On paper, it is the more sensible choice for a science officer, and indeed if done right it can be a good ship for the other careers. What it lacks in hull strength, it makes up for in gadgets such as the Focus field controller, and the ability to equip cannons. The hanger pets do provide a boost to overall damage and it can be very useful to have sidekicks (I would recommend the Elite Scorpions). Also, with the DHC's draining Aux power instead of Weapon power, you have very little need for the latter, meaning you no longer have to choose between damage output and effective science abilities, unless you run 3 turrets aft, which while it does focus the power on cannons, will be a minimal increase given the low power level, so i would think a mine and torpedo might be a good choice to have aft, with maybe one turret or the Kinetic Cutting Beam for that little bit extra, but then again you can always boost that power with EPtW, batteries, or even energy syphon. Like many I agree that the Vesta is, on paper at least, the most powerful science ship available. The Wells is much more suited to science abilities than most ships, and so is severely lacking in offensive capabilities. So if you choose the Wells, be prepared to have a low damage output, even with your best gear.

Conclusion: if you want to increase your DPS, the Vesta is the clear choice. While science ships are designed primarily to support fellow players, this is easily done (especially with the Fermion field console) whilst maintaining a high DPS with the cannons.

P.S. If you find the turn rate a bit low, you could always equip the Tachyokinetic converter or an RCS Accellerator, however, given that most escorts have around 15 and the Vesta has 12, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. In fact I recommend you add the Converter anyway; it's a very useful console for any ship, especially science officers, given the graviton and critical hit boost.