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04-12-2013, 10:11 PM
After getting:
Fleet Negh'Var
Fleet Tarkhat
Dreadnought Carrier
Heavy Escort Carrier
Fleet Corsair
Fleet HoH'SuS

and playing them all.

The biggest waste was the Fleet Negh'Var, not because it is a bad ship, don't get me wrong, but there's literally no point at all for it to even exist outside of aesthetics.

If you want a battleship that can pummel through a group, get the Bortasqu'
If you want a Battle Cruiser (difference) that can perform on par with an escort and still serve a function of a Cruiser, get the Fleet Tarkhat.

The Negh'Var plays similar to the Bortasqu', and stuck with the weakness of the Tarkhat (Can't spell it right, not in game right now to check).

THere's literally no point at all operationally. It doesn't survive like the Bort can, and it doesn't maneuver like the Tarkhat Can (Fleet Vorcha really) You're essentially screwed in all aspects using the Fleet Negh'Var.

I still fly my Negh time to time, because I paid for it. but of all the fleet ships so far I've bought, and all the ships overall I've purchased, the Fleet Negh is the only regrettable purchase I have.

You can't play it like the Bort, and because of its size, you can't play it like a Vorcha/Tarkhat.

It's stuck in the middle, it literally has no place at all.