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Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
If you are looking to do DPS in a fed sci ship, the Atrox is your only option, IMO. Kicks the tail out of my Vesta regularly due to the second rack of elite scorps. If you can handle the big girls, she absolutely rocks.

Tacs actually do better in a Vesta then a sci, IMO. Their captain abilities actually buff the damage of the ship and her console, where in the Atrox so much damage comes from the scorps that tac abilities mean far less.

Sorry, I do not have any first hand experience with boxed ships.
tacs do better in all ships...

also on paper the atrox is beaten by the dreadnought's dps. you lose sensor analysis for another front weapon (and if you go full dps, dhcs you will also have better turnrate) and better boff layout for dealing dmg
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