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Originally Posted by deokkent View Post
K eurialo, since you don't seem to grasp the intent of this thread, maybe if I help you? Your post is a little funny because you are talking about dps dps dps and not saying anything how your sci vessels with sci captains are sciencing? Don't preach to the choir and try to convince me that certain cruisers and science vessels can dps, I know they can. That's not the issue and/or the reason why this thread was created though.

What were those sci ships you're talking about? Would you classify them pure science vessels?
Did they have a lt cmdr tactical on their vessel?
Were they using subsystem targeting?
Were they using viral matrix?
Were they using photonic shockwave?
Were they using feedback pulse?
Were they supporting each other?
Were they using scramble sensors?
Were they using photonic officer?

Or was their focus entirely about dps dps dps dps dps e.i spacebar spamming negh with rom torps and no actual consideration of playing their role?

You did not understand my post. It was an answer to players thinking that sci vessels are useless. A sci ship usually hasn't the dps of a escort, but debuffing your opponent can push it so a team of sci captains flying sci ships can finish a stf in a few minutes even if their ship do not have a great base dps. What I wrote in the second part of my post is simply that a hyper plasma torpedo can give enough dps to every ship regardless its build.

Finally talking about science ships I think to ship like the lrsvr or a Wells (even using only one lt tactical boff).

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