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04-13-2013, 02:45 AM
I fly escorts or heavy escorts. However, my free Ambassador T5 ship has been sitting looking at me so I decided to get it out and play. One reason is so I can fly round in an Enterprise

I have a very good plasma build for the Chel Grett or Armitage so I stole as many bits of that as I could and bought some cheapo Mk XI bits for the rest. I have tried it with 6 beams/2 torps, 2 single cannon/hyper torp/experimental array/cutting beam/3 turrets and the same but with 2 DBB - this is the one I have stuck with. I use a 2X EPTW and 2x EPTS build.

It has actually been good fun working how to allocate the meagre tac boff slots (currently TT1, APB1 and THY1) and maximise DPS in ESTFs. With the single cannon or DBB build it gives around 6000DPS in ISE. I was worried this would be a handicap but use of ACT has shown it is ususally the main damage dealer in PUGS ... the rubbish some people bring to the table is shocking!

So, for me, a cruiser is proving fun. I'm sure I will be back in something with a better turn rate and DPS soon but no rush.