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04-13-2013, 05:08 AM
Oh yes, cruisers can be much fun! It has been my starship of choice since I started playing STO. If you're not here to overwhelm yourself with every single detail and stat and just want to have fun playing STO, you can have a blast in cruisers, regardless of your character's class.
The mixture of that look and class we came to be familiar with from the shows and the sheer durability and reliability of the cruiser makes it a lot of fun to fly, especially if, like myself, you don't overally care how fast you buzz around.
Lately, I'm becomming more and more in love with my Ambassador. I kinda' knew that I'd like it right from the start since I was nagging Cryptic about a sci-oriented cruiser for quite a while before the anniversary. I was not impressed at the start, but it's growing on me fast, something in the way she shoots her beams makes me feel like in a Trek show.

And I need not speak about the KDF battlecruisers, I think that it has been established in STO that they are fantastic and provide silly amounts of fun when flying one.
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