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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Your memory is a bit fuzzy. They did have Vice Admirals at the time you got your Retrofit Defiant.
Your right, my memory is very fuzzy...too much abuse in my 20's
I couldn't remember the exact timeline, sorry for the inconsistancies.

Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
As far as healers go, the Excelsior isn't exactly the best ship for that.
I agree. I use my Fleet Excelsior as an STF DPS beam boat, I can usually pull 5-6k with it, sometimes as much as 8k depending on the team I'm on. My main healing PvP rig is the Sci Vesta. In that ship I usually pull anywhere from 800k-1.5 mil healing in a typical 15 kill-5v5 match. I didn't include that in the first post because he was asking about cruisers....didn't seem relevant...hehe. I also use the Oddy for a healing rig (don't remember which version) but recently switched to the Vesta because I got sick of overshooting the fight due to the Oddy's increadibly high inertia and low turn rate . I can do just as much, if not more, healing in the Vesta and I can actually turn...LOL

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