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04-13-2013, 11:32 AM
Some time ago, my fleetmates and I, just for schnitz-n-giggles, decided to run an STF using shuttles. Infected/normal, mind you, and we were decked-out fittys, with an assortment of different small-class craft, but shuttles in an STF nonetheless.

And we held our own.

What resulted was that we could wear down the nodes, and hold off the ships coming through the gate about as fast as they could spawn. We wound up deciding to abandon the instance most of the way through, since our progress was way too slow to come anywhere near beating the mission timer. But it still amazed us that were were able to do so well in a low-level STF with the wimpiest ships in the game.

And I have a few other stories about getting caught in missions with the wrong ship equipped, but I'll spare you the boring details.

My point is that one does not need to min/max at all to enjoy this game, not at all, with the exception of PvP and elite STFs. The vast majority of STO is really quite easy, especially after 50 (and leveling is no hard feat in this MMO). So while good equipment helps, knowing your skillset and playing smart winds up being far more important to successful gameplay.

Of which leaves lots of wiggle room to customize your charater to your liking, simply to have, um, what did those earlier posts call it... "Fun"?