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04-13-2013, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by fluffydoorman View Post
I have a very simple question. Can cruisers be fun? I'm not talking about massive DPS. Can they be fun? No flame wars on Escorts vs. Cruisers vs. Barbies or whatever. I'm not looking for the ultimate build to play. I just want to know from people that have run with Cruisers on whether they can be fun to do. Personally I play a Tac, but I'm curious about Eng and Sci as well.

I'm lvl 50 now, so I'm mainly concerned with end game cruisers. What's enjoyable, what's not. What are people enjoying.
The bigger the better (fun wise). 2x tacs & 1x eng all with cruisers as mainship (the Tacs with Defiant/BoP as secondary collecting dust).

But whats fun to me don't have to be fun to someone else.