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I have been using antiproton weapons since I started my escort. At the time I was told they was the best for PvP. But here lately I have been wondering maybe I should do a change. Especially, since I rarely every see antiproton weapons in pvp anymore and I also been reading that the other energy type weapons such as Disrupter, phasers, and the hybrids are better. I currently have on my escort:

All Advanced Fleet Antiproton Duel Heavy Cannons MK XII DMG x 2 ACC x 2

Advanced Fleet Antiproton Turret DMG x 2 ACC x 2

4 X Console - Tactical - Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk XII.

I worked hard to get those Mag Regulators lol. If I upgrade I will be going to the blue Tac console of what ever energy type I chose because, in which I am still not sure on what i would choose heh. I am not able to put in a lot of time into STO as much as I want, and I am not that good at working the Exchange like some of you are (grumbles in jealousy). That's why I am asking is it worth the upgrade, and if it is I am more then willing to do it. I personally think it is worth it, but I just wanted to ask those who are a lot more experience then I am before I dive into this adventure lol. Thanks for your help
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