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04-13-2013, 12:30 PM
Give us a mystery. Something we have to go explore systems for Clues.

Travel to all the cities and worlds and talk to people to get clues or hints of where to look next.

And have Items to add together or give to Doffs to make other items that once all collected will unlock a mission or world with another secret item or clue that will lead you on another mission.

Something to keep people intrested, Like real Trek we have to explore and investigate.
Much like old school RPG's like Final Fansasy 7 where it took months to find the holy weps and longer to unlock them.
Make a "Holy Grail" type item, something that takes time and luck and paitence to get. For example I fly to a random system and see some Ferengi ship next to a cargo ship and then they warp out as soon as I approach. My 1st officer comments that there are traces of particle "X" in the system. If they Ferengi are looking for it then it must be valuable. Then I can go to Dronza or Quarks and ask them about it and it leads me on a hunt to find contacts and information and items to guide me on my quest to find the answers or progress in the story. Remeber how on old RPG's you would play 20 levels and get an item that you had to go all the way back to the start to use. Only to find it unlocked a Key that you then had to find the door or chest it went to. And when you found that it gave you an item that needed 3 more parts to complete?
Thats the kind of gaming that STO needs.
That is true to Trek. Almost every Trek episode is "the crew is confronted by a problem/mystery they must explore, investigate work together to overcome. The End. If this game had something like this I would play for hours everyday trying to find the next item or clue to further me on my quest. Also have it to where if you missed something orblew up a ship that you needed to save instead you have to start all over. That would keep this "uber prize" from over use or to many people getting it. Make it rare enough and extremely valuable and there are players that would go nuts trying to find/unlock it