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04-13-2013, 12:41 PM
with so many elite resA shields in use, theres never been a better time to opt for dirsupters, AP or plasma.

those acc2 AP weapons are technically the best AP weapons ever, being a procless weapon with 5 weapons mods. several stacked dam modes does seem to make a difference in you common hit being quite strong, as long as you can get good accuracy with fleet weapons they are actually quite good. id proboly stick with those really.

disruptors are very underrated, especially on ships that spike and get a shot at the hull. the 12% res debuff to all damage is good, and for some reason it actually stacks a 24% debuff specifically for disruptor damage, tooltip wont tell you that though, thats a secret.

plasma, as long as no stf shields are around is good too. with the embassy consoles and some rep equipment you can get about an extra tac console worth of buff to them over any other energy type.
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