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04-13-2013, 02:47 PM
Originally Posted by theodrim View Post
Or you just got a weak team on that last run. That's always going to be the biggest factor, because all that matters is how you performed relative to your team, so if they're all putting out 1k DPS and you put out 2k, yay you're awesome you got first place, if they're all putting out 12k and you put out 11k, you suck you get last place. Case in point: I took my Vesta into my first CE last night, chained Siphon and spammed TR and GW on the Entity, TBRed fragments when I noticed them getting too close to me or my team, ran away whenever it started absorbing, and spammed cannon fire and CSV from 2-4 km in between, and took first place. I didn't parse it, but I had to have been in the 4-7k DPS range, which your escort could probably beat, and since I didn't use heals on anyone else that's all that was getting counted.