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04-13-2013, 01:54 PM
I've had a fleet Negh'Var on one character for over a month now. I usually pick a ship that I want a character to have at endgame and skill them appropriately for that ship. Also, means all my alts get action since sometimes I want to run a BoP, or maybe a Raptor for another game. I mostly PvE BTW.

Anyway, I have a tac in a a Fleet Negh'Var. I decided to put a tac in it because....well lets face DPS is king in PvE and anyone can tank the NPCs no matter what class. Even with only three tac consoles, I have no problem getting top DPS in games. This thing will tank almost anything, I've only been destroyer once in thing and thats because I was lazy. Also I run with some points in threat control and spray cannon fire and torpedoes all over the place to pull in agro, works great.

I do think the Fleet Vorcha is still a better ship because of its diversity, but the Negh'Var is just something different, and a great tank also. Honestly, I think the Negh'Var should be the T2 ship and the Vorcha the T4 ship. And I know people say the Bortas is a better tank, but unlike the Bortas, the Negh'Var can turn and tank almost as well.

If anyone is interested heres my build. Doffs are 3 purple techs, 1 tac team conn officer, and 1 shield distribution officer.