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04-13-2013, 01:59 PM
You can tank damage just fine with out it.

Mai has always been good at holding his buffs. He doesn't panic like most people and pop multiple buffs that give him such bad diminishing returns that there was no point in it.

I won't argue that EPTS is a fantastic sckill... it is its in fact to good for a skill that is always on and we all know it.

However you can survive with out having 2 copies...

I know that because I as well have never ran 2 copies since day one. I know guys like mai don't either.

If I'm not mistaken Era never ran 2 copies either. (I am trying hard to remember but I'm pretty sure on that one... mai might know better then I)

I know for a fact that the QEW quys ran one copy... they did just fine as I remember it.