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04-13-2013, 07:19 PM
When it comes to universal consoles, I would say the Assimilated Module or ZPM actually work rather well as 'universal' because they have passive, always on bonuses that you are trading for other passive, always on bonuses. it gets mucked up when you have the standard Universal consoles that are really just additional spells, that many have a very long cooldown.

Imagine say, the Red Matter Capacitor, which is a very popular device, imagine how many would use it if it was a console instead? The CD is too long, the effect is nice, but the CD means it is not always on. In the cast of most uni consoles having to trade a possibly useful CD for an always on bonus is a hard thing to deal with, and generally feels bad. Making the CD uni's into devices would be nice, especially since they provide no passive stats.