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04-13-2013, 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
That's always going to be the biggest factor, because all that matters is how you performed relative to your team...
I would be more amenable to this point, but for the fact on that last run I intentionally gimped my own load-out to the point of near non-viability and proceeded to intentionally play as poorly as I could in every aspect save max DPS on the CE. That includes having been destroyed twice, an event totally avoidable had I actually put forth half an effort to stay alive, during which time (counting respawn timer and repositioning) I was doing nothing at all that contributed to my own score. The only way in retrospect I could have played worse, was to not have used boff abilities or auto-attacked at all.

Of course I understand that FA performance is relative to that of others -- otherwise, I would not have mentioned I had no expectation of remaining competitive with top-, or even middle-, tier players who have put in the time, zen, and dilithium into their ships and characters at all. That doesn't change the fact that, even intentionally playing at the bottom of the barrel in level of skill and gear, but within reasonable expectation of a level 50 player, I still managed to place whereas in any other run I had done in the spirit of the encounter, within the intended parameters, I had not. Random selection, as one finds in PuG queues, alone cannot qualitatively account for that discrepancy.

Now, a word about the Vesta -- of course it's set up in a way that would make it extremely effective in CE. The CE and its shards are weakest against kinetic energy, and you can fly the Vesta without conceding science slots that provide kinetic damage and control in the form of TR, TBR, and GW, or dual heavy cannons and torpedoes that provide decent direct damage. Are you suggesting that's comparable to an escort with all Mk XI gear intentionally set up in a way to provide the least justifiable DPS of a level 50 player?