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04-13-2013, 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by theodrim View Post
I would be more amenable to this point, but for the fact on that last run I intentionally gimped my own load-out to the point of near non-viability and proceeded to intentionally play as poorly as I could in every aspect save max DPS on the CE.
But the only scoring mechanisms are DPS and HPS, and generating major HPS is pretty close to impossible, so the main thing is DPS. Dying could hurt that, but not necessarily enough. And as for the loadout, dual torps on an escort is generally considered viable with the right doffs (which many people run even with one torp), and while transphasics are generally weak the Breen set would help them some, bringing them closer to par. While less than ideal, it isn't that weak a loadout, particularly since the CE has no shields and you say it has lower resistance to kinetic.

As far as my Vesta, it doesn't have any torps, just the DHCs and turrets, and I run it mainly as a sci ship, with all the weaknesses that entails, and my equipment isn't high quality either. Actually, CE is the most useful I've felt in a long time: hard to kill, helping teamates stay alive with CC, and even debuffing the enemy some. But again, all it scores is DPS and HPS, I wasn't healing anyone else, so it comes down to DPS, and your escort gets stronger turrets, an extra weapon slot, and 4.5 more tac abilities (I have cannon CD doffs) versus my hangar and 3 damage dealing sci abilities.

I'm not saying that it should be working this way of course, I'm just saying that it actually is "working as intended". In any case we're pretty far off topic at this point, so I'll shut up on the subject.