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04-14-2013, 01:05 AM
Love this game and can't wait to see what else to come


More variations of internal NPC characters.

Random Starting Character ( I.e. Vulcan, Male ) Something other that always starting with the Andorian Female Bridge office.

Ability to Name race other than Just Alien.

Intruder alert missions. Something more than just wondering around your ships. to do little missions.

NPC Crew reflective of your Duty crew.

NPC Crew uniforms control. Divided into Science, Medical, Tactical, Engineering Operations, Security and civilian

Mix-Races like: Human/Vulcan, Andorian/Bolian, Human/Klingon, Klingon/Vulcan

After Rear Admiral Lower, the ability to Promote Bridge crew To Captain and assign them to a ship you already have to be a Combatant-pet. this would let you be able to Customize your ships and Tactics
Max of 2 or 3 ships and Captains.

More Hull Variations for each class ships and shuttles.
More customizable ship interior. different Engineering, Ready rooms, Quarters, Lounges, etc.)

More things to do inside your ship like a Holodeck that you can do scenarios in, Convers with crew, Intruders, battle damage, shuttle bay you can got to instead of transporter room and see shuttles you have acquired.

Customizable Shuttles and shuttle interior.

Mini games to improve your ships speed, hull, maneuverability, weapons. (Make it only for that ship.)

Play as Borg....

More areas to go at the academy and star base on earth.

Time travel mission to go back to when the Breen were attacking Earth..