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04-14-2013, 01:20 AM
To answer the OP's question another way: Some people drive Chevys. Some people drive Fords. Why? Because they want to. Do the Chevy guys give the Ford guys grief and do the Ford guys give the Chevy guys grief? Yes. Because they want to.

Do I really really care my Klink Tac is not achieving that last 0.001 DPS in an Elite STF? Nope. I reckon if the previous 10,500 DPS aren't gittin' 'er done, then there are a bunch of other things I'm probably not doing correctly either.

I play this game to entertain myself. No other reasons are required or needed. And I'll walk my own path while playing, TYVM. If my ship or play style doesn't meet the quals of the One True Build, I may just have to lose five or six seconds of sleep over this. Someday.

BTW, when I have an opinion about how someone else kits out their ship or what they're flying currently, I normally keep it to myself. Too many people around here already pointing out how incorrectly everyone else is doing things. I've no need to add to that number.