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04-14-2013, 05:14 AM
I'm sure some of these have been covered, but.

Let my KDF wear the merc outfit, I paid for it, let me use it, not everyone in the empire is a klingon.

You have skin textures for the head, but if I wear a vest, it's smooth as silk, let me have the scaled texture for my Cardie below the neck and on the arms, please.

Beach wear for Risa, I can go to Risa, but I have to wear a full KDF uniform, not exactly practical, and if I use fed, I still have to wear pants and a shirt, while the NPCs get to enjoy the suns, and the ocean. If you're afraid that everyone will run around half naked on ESD, lock it to Risa.

Also, why do all KDF pants have to be tucked into the boot, and skin tight?

Thank you.

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