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I'm not sure when they'll reintroduce the Hur'q, Magnumstar, but in an KDF centric episode seems likely.

As to what they look like: well I'm sure Cryptic would follow Star Trek: Invasion's vision of their appearence.
Perhaps not to letter though, for copyright reasons. But like the Ferasans and Kzinti- they should be similar.

Although I'd like them more like this picture, as a mixture of both a fly an a scarab: so as to be quite revolting.
That or more of a basis on a hybrid appearence between the giant weta and the cannibalistic mormon cricket.

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There is a new insect race in LoR - based on the winged insect pic we saw on the LoR website. It looks like they have insect-looking ships too.
I thought they were just mere animals for upcoming ground content?
They look too Disney/WoW in my view to actually be a serious sentient species.
Reminds me of the epohh or nanov in actuality, which makes me think:

Will they be introducing the Reman section of New Romulus in Legacy of Romulus?

The Remans seem to live in a kind of bay facility as shown in the usual opening cinematic.
It'd logically open into some amount of a cavernous system, I would imagine.
So with the knowledge of New Romulus's fauna's art style and this witnessed fitting locale..

Could it be possible the concept art is showing us an overgrown insect of Mol'Rihan's underworld?
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