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04-14-2013, 08:18 AM

  • Expand epohh vanity pet breeding to other animals on respective worlds.
  • Give the Federation Off-Duty Mercenary costume to the Klingon Defense Force.
  • Make non-customizable BOFF outfits, not to mention our Alien species, renameable.


  • Disclose non-player character clothing, as well as NPC options for Aliens.
  • Give this an actual Tholian EV suit's appearence for it's decommissioning.
  • Make Klingon Defense Force episode dialog less specific to just Klingons.


  • Offer players in-ship based episodes, as well as further crew customization.
  • Give us Undine Duty Officers and their bioships, in aid against the trickster Iconians.
  • Make Duty Officers actually appear on your ship, fully named, as your actual crew.
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