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Originally Posted by paxfederatica View Post
I made a space grinder based on Ghosts of War. It's designed for teams but can be played solo (the mobs will just be smaller).

"Ghost Fleet"
Mission ID: ST-HITJPF20I
Author: @NCC-89471
Faction: Federation
Level restriction: 35+
Duration: 15(ish) minutes
Combat: Space
Summary: The True Way have launched a surprise offensive against the legitimate Cardassian government, and Starfleet has ordered you to engage them in the Herghelis system.
B'Vats Legacy is filmed and on my page Cat VS Flash, I will keep Ghost Fleet on the to do list for special projects, but I would like to ask you first, I plan to do video runs for peoples missions to show off thier action, this will only be for combat grinders. Would you like to have yours entered into that page and if so what toon would you like run it? There are a few to choose from, find the Video Runs page on the multimedia section. This offer is also for B'Vats run, choose what toon available to rerun if you want, to enter this contest, I plan to remove the Cat VS Flash page soon but would still like to offer video runs.

I will setup a request form on the page just like I did for the review pages, but from now on I would ask you to add in if your requests are on this thread to have a lable that says ether "challenge" or "review" so i know what you want me to do with it, challenges must also have the name of one of my cats included to run the mission. Reviews will still be done by Caitian Picard for Fed and Battlecat for KDF. Check out my pages for more details.

Also, im modifying catstars webisode series, the 2nd episode will contain more spins for people who have asked me to review for them, I will spin for up to 3 players per episode now, the winner for that will win a Masterkey if I get a DABO with my spin. Your feedback is always appreciated. -Cat
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I promote CatStar as acting Captain of STO....wait, I never said that! Darn it CatStar, cut that out!"

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