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04-14-2013, 10:03 AM
The Elite Peregrine's getting CRF 1 and not HYT will probably still have them playing second fiddle to Elite Scorpions.

The Elite Stalkers could make for some spiffy shennanigans, given they have Battle Cloak and can kill Aux/Cloak like the dickens.

The Elite Mesh Weavers have Attack Pattern Beta 3 and Fire-at-Will. Eww.

Elite Jem Fighters with DEM 3 might add up to nasty (pair with Mesh Weavers and Scorpions for massive hull-hit potential).

Elite Type 10 Shuttles have the same PH1 and twin Phaser Arrays of the Advanced, and gain a micro-photon torp. Nothing to see here, move along.

Elite Shield Repair Units, now with even more hull, maybe enough to make them worth using over the EC variants? At 100k Fleet Credits and 45k dilithium? Not bloody likely!

Elite Delta Flyers get Tachyon Beam 3, no change to the Phaser Array or Transphasic torp noted. Yay for a bit more shield peeling?

Elite Jem Attack Ships get Beam Overload 2 and CRF 3... those would seem to be working at cross purposes, but will probably still be punchy when the attack command is given to two full groups of them.

Elite Yellowstone Runabouts with Tractor Beam 3 and Tetryon Warp Plasma. Hey, uh, if anyone said even Cryptic wouldn't be looney enough to do that... well... maybe gravy will make the crow taste better....
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