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Originally Posted by theeishtmo View Post
The Mesh Weavers and Bugs are going to be restricted enough not to be too much of an issue in most cases.

Stalkers having battlecloak just ups their survivability (which is poor now), but likely won't make too much of a difference.

Poor Type 10s, no one ever uses you, and no one ever will.

Only the Yellowstone is overly dangerous and advantageous to the Feds. The rest is more meh.

It's still not an even field vs the Klingon fighters. BoPs, Slavers, the Felkari frigs and power siphon drones are far more useful than anything except the Yellowstones, and then it's only an even match.

Still would love it if the there was a reason to use Type 10s. Maybe they should drop mines or come out in larger numbers or something. Maybe even have them do their own boarding party actions. That would be nifty.

It doesn't matter if their not on an even field those things were deadly enough with a tractor beam to up the quality of the tractor and bring in an EWP is just insane

Klink pets are great for PVE but apart from power siphons which due to several nerfs take a missively specialised build to use they aren't on par from a strategic point of view
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