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A Fed starbase just hit tier 5 science, getting access to elite fleet hangar pets. Normally this wouldn't be cause for concern- just more spam, except for one little problem.

Take a look at the lower right. I'll wait.

And yes, I can hear the scream of outrage from here. That's right: Fed Battle Cloaks.

It's on their fighters- only a matter of time before every ship in their fleet has it, completely wrecking any sense of unique play the KDF faction has.

With the Romulans getting their own unique play options via singularity cores, we KDF are officially bent over a rail here.

Welcome to the end of STO.

I kid, but I thought I'd pre-empt the inevitable 'omg trek is teh overz' thread since they'll start up as more people hit T5 science and the old 'the feds are stealing our uniquenessez!' guys come out of hiding.

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