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04-14-2013, 02:05 PM
Considering the huge variety of power combinations and ways to make a synergy come about, I tend to advise people through a philosophy rather than a build...

To that end the philosophy in an STF is simple. Use abilities that support or enhance the entire team whenever possible. Everything else is, really, up to personal taste. The dps changes from specifics tend to amount to drops in the bucket, which, while indispensible for power gamers is really neither here nor there for the average player. Especially considering that even an elite stf can be completed with mark Xi whites and still have the player giving valuable contribution.

The single largest damage multiplier in any PVE mission lies in attack pattern beta. Especially because it is a relatively inexpensive power toa cess and any ship currently available has the ability to run at least one copy. Very few races, as NPC's, run tac team to counter and no borg at all have that ability. The damage resistance debuff stacks, can reduce an enemies resistances to below 0%. and makes that increased damage available to your entire team. Also, it affects any enemy hit by your weapons while it is active meaning multiple targets are affected when combined with any weapon based AOE. Fire at will and cannon spread when combined with Beta become extremely useful when used across a five man team.

for escorts I reccommend having two copies of cannon spread 1 so it can be run constantly, beta 3 and 2, two tac teams to keep shields balanced and fight off borg boarding parties, then two copies of emerg to shields, one haz(to clear the shield-sucker) and one tss of choice.

For sci ships, one tac team, one AP beta, and if there are additional tac slots faw or a second copy of beta, or torp spread depending on the player's choice of weapon layout. The rest being the usual two copies of emerg to shields, a sci or engineering team (depending on boff layout), gravity well (exceptionally useful in delaying probes in KA and infected), tss, and hazard emitters.

(as a note gravity well is the preferred sci crowd control. scramble does little to nothing, and few people have the technique to use repulsors properly- often knocking enemies away from the firing arcs of your allies and therefore making their lives more difficult.)

For cruisers and carriers, again the usual minimum copy of one tac team and an AP beta (sensing a trend?) and faw or spread by preference. The remainder being the usual survival powers (epts, haz, tss) and then supplementing with crowd control powers and additional team support as it fits with the available boff slots. Such as warp plasma, which is tricky to use but very effective in slowing probes, and additional shield transfer and aux2sif or engineering team abilities to heal/maintain team mates.

As you can see, the build choices are left very open for personal tastes, save for some basic tools to facilitate a philosophy of team damage multiplication, slows, roots, and cross team support. The rest really is just knowing what to do and (most importantly) NOT to do during an stf.

For example when fighting donatra do NOT go within 7 kilometers of her ship as that is what triggers her cloaking. Stay away and it happens much less often which leads to consistant DPS and a faster kill. Also do NOT use tractor beam repulsors (or gravimetric overload) as it knocks her out of the firing arc and range of your teammates- completely spoiling their ability to shoot (and thus dropping dps)

Similarly, there is never any need to fire on the gates in infected and KA from any closer than 9.5 k, at the equator or lower. you can fire with impunity with no return- no return fire means no dying. no dying means consistant damage that far outweighs dps loss while respawning and getting back into the fight.
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