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04-14-2013, 04:39 PM
First impression: Yay, this means when we make it availible at my fleet my Fedcat can have somewhat better cat-craft in her Atrox and she could use Caitian fighters on the Caitian carrier rather than the current carp. It will take some time though. And I agree, not as impressive as the Yellowstones anyway.

Second impression: To any forum moderator that stumbles upon these forums, please now and in the future immidiately close threads with such titles. I'm even willing to pay cold hard zen for that!

So the Stalker pets have a battle cloak. So what?
"Only a matter of time when every ship in their fleet has it". Really? Unless you're working at Cryptic I have no idea how you can know that.
They already shortcutted through that with the Romulan Republic having alliances with the Federation & KDF. That is the way for Fed. players to have starships with cloak and still play the content on their prefered side of STO. With the exception of the Defiant & Galaxy-X, Starfleet's ships will never have cloaks. CBS won't allow it. Especially after the option for Romulans to allign with Feds.
And the cloak is more of a gimmick. It's not the holy grail of STO.

For Star Trek sake, "KDF is over", "End of KDF" and such titles of threads are becomming very old very fast. Give it a rest. The KDF survived much harder times, so it's not about to fall apart when it finally is shaping up to become a proper full faction.