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04-14-2013, 06:34 PM
Even with their 'nerf', Danubes still use their Tractors with alarming frequency. And those Chronitons proc a bunch too, considering there's 4-8 of those things being shot at you.

Now these things have a longer duration TB and get an EWP to boot.

Even if some sort of high CD was implemented on the EWP, you'd just have to pump out new ones (which is what... ~30 seconds with high Aux and no DOffs?) to have that CD reset on the fresh ones.
The first we heard of getting new PvP maps "soon" was in August of 2010. We're consistently told something will be coming with the "next" update. Absolutely nothing has come to PvP since launch.

I think it's finally time Cryptic stopped stringing us along, don't you?